Doctoral Training

Short term policy and evidence placements with our member organisations

Both evidence users and students can benefit a great deal from collaborating on short term policy and evidence projects. Environment Platform Wales aims to increase the range of opportunities for collaboration between our members.

For students

Policy and evidence placements with organisations such as Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales or the National Park Association provide invaluable insight into the real world application of research. Through these placements you will learn how to communicate complex science to decision makers and build your networks for future collaboration.

Projects can include e.g. synthesising evidence to produce guidance or recommendations for policy makers, gathering evidence to support decision making for environmental management, evaluating options for environmental monitoring, contributing to the development of new tools and models and much more.

Opportunities will be posted here as they come in so please check back regularly for updates. Funding and location for each placement will be decided by the host organisation on a case by case basis.

For evidence users

Working with a doctoral student on short term projects can bring valuable skills and experience into your team. It is an excellent way to develop new links with the research community and can act as a stepping stone to more substantial collaborative projects.

If you have a project in mind please complete the project proposal form below and email to Further guidance on how to fill out the form and what makes a suitable project is also available below.

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