Welsh Government PhD Placement: Adaptation to climate change: agriculture and land use

“Analysing the evidence, issues and impacts of future climate change on agricultural systems and land use in Wales to 2050, in support of future policy development.”

Deadline for applications: Thursday 29th February @ 15:00hrs

The Agriculture, Sustainable development Division alongside the Strategic Evidence Unit (SEU) of Welsh Government are seeking a PhD student for a placement opportunity within its Future Farming Policy team.  The Future Farming Policy team covers livestock, arable, horticulture and organic policy and also agriculture’s wider policies towards reducing emissions while becoming climate resilient, in line with other sectors in Wales aiming for net zero by 2050.

Working within the Future Farming team, with the support of the SEU, the purpose of the placement is to provide support in identifying evidence and collation of data on the impact of climate on agriculture and other land use. This will involve working with Welsh Government policy groups and external stakeholders on a range of future scenarios. These will consider farming systems and changes to land use in response to a warming climate and more frequent extreme weather events.

The work of this post will go towards the Welsh Government response to the Climate Change Committee report on Welsh progress on polices to prepare Wales for the impacts of climate change.  Adapting to climate change – Progress in Wales – Climate Change Committee (theccc.org.uk). Within the working land and seas (WLS) section, the report suggests that there are limited policies and plans in place to ensure the agricultural, forestry and commercial fisheries and aquaculture sectors remain productive as the climate changes. As well as the WLS section, agriculture and land use will also impact on the adaption plans in other areas, notably the nature, food security and water sections.

For further information about the post, and details of how to apply please download the following documents:

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