The Institute of Water

IWater is a professional body that supports the careers of people in the UK water sector with events, mentoring, registrations and publications. The Welsh Area of the Institute of Water aims to support the careers of people working in all professions and at all levels across the water industry in Wales, by offering a unique and independent learning, development and networking framework.

Introducing the Institute of Water | Steve Youell
Aiden Kiely | Technical Delivery Analyst | Welsh Water
Catherine Arnold | Partnership Manager | Environment Platform Wales (Formerly Public Health Scientist at Southern Water)
Ruchi Shukla | HR Coordinator | Welsh Water
Justin Doran | Data Operations Manager | Welsh Water
Stacie Stephens | Talent Development | Welsh Water
Kit Wilson | Director of Operational Services | Welsh Water
Steve Youell | Head of Wholesale Service, Emergency Planning and Security | Welsh Water

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