Previous Insights Wales / Cipolwg Cymru Recordings

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DatePresenterLink to Recording of Talk
26th January Liam Olds,
Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative 
Biodiversity value of coal tips 
2nd February Prof. Steve Ormerod,
Cardiff University 
Valuing our Wetlands
9th FebruaryProf. Richard Lucas, Aberystwyth UniversityLiving Earth:  monitoring environmental change through Earth observations.
16th FebruaryDr Gary Walpole,
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Can Open Innovation practices be applied within Public Services to support the movement to a Circular Economy?
23rd FebruaryDr Francesca Mancini,
‘Bringing the data revolution to nature recovery’ 
9th MarchHolly Butterworth,
Futures and Innovation in NRW
16th MarchDr Andy Rees,
Welsh Government
Beyond Recycling
30th MarchDr Mohammed Rezania
Warwick University
6th AprilLynsey McAllister
University of South Wales
Biodiversity Monitoring in Upland Wales
13th AprilJennifer Maher, University of South WalesProcesses and Problems in Evaluating the Nature and Prevalence of UK Wildlife Crime.
27th AprilRebecca Cioffi/Kirsten RamsayWelsh Marine and Fisheries Evidence: The interplay between politics, policy and protection
11th MayProf. David KayAre bathing water standards based on sound science?
lessons of the ERDF funded Acclimatize Project

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