PhD Studentship Opportunity: Fate and effect of micro- and nanoplastics in constructed wetlands and downstream aquatic ecosystems.

Bath University, in collaboration with Cardiff University and support of Welsh Government, are inviting applications from students wishing to undertake a PhD Studentship.

This project investigates the pervasive issue of plastic pollution that has become ubiquitous in our environment, posing a severe threat to both ecosystems and human health. Transport via water serves as a key route for the dissemination of plastic waste. Over time, larger pieces of plastic litter disintegrate into microplastics, nanoplastics, and eventually plastic monomers. While there is a substantial amount of research on the environmental implications of microplastics, our understanding of the environmental impact and transformation routes of smaller plastic particles (<300 µm) remains limited. Leveraging the foundations laid by our previous groundbreaking research,(1,2) this project aims to deliver the first comprehensive study of the fate and impacts of the entire plastic spectrum in an engineered wetland environment, generating valuable analytical capabilities and knowledge that can be applied to other sections of aquatic ecosystems.

For further information about the studentship and details of how to apply, please follow this link.

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