NRW PhD Placement: Biogenic Reef Creation Opportunities

The National Habitat Creation Programme (NHCP) is Welsh Government’s programme for provision of compensatory measures in Wales to provide environmental offset for coastal plans and projects, specifically for Risk Management Authorities.  By creating habitat offset through managed realignment and habitat restoration measures, the NHCP also offers an opportunity to deliver some of Welsh Government’s Programme for Government commitments for habitat restoration and their “Nature Network” outcome requirements for improving protected sites and the National Site Network.

Habitat offset needs from risk management authorities “coastal plans and projects” currently focus on saltmarsh and intertidal mud and sand habitats. However, another key receptor of coastal squeeze impacts are biogenic reefs that occur naturally around the coastline of Wales mainly within the intertidal and shallow subtidal.

In the first instance this project will undertake a literature review to clarify the key niche conditions for growth of biogenic reef in Wales. This review will support the assessment of opportunities for habitat creation, restoration and enhancement when considering coastal adaptation options such as managed realignment!

The primary aim of the Project is to undertake a semi-quantitative risk assessment of the “potential” impact on biogenic reef from coastal plans over the short, medium, and long term.

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