Welsh Government Student Placement Opportunity: Supporting the Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales (IEPAW)

Deadline: Expressions of interest are welcomed at any time for this post.

The Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales (IEPAW) is responsible for reviewing concerns about the functioning of environmental law in Wales. Where warranted, the IEPAW may prepare reports on the functioning of the law for the Welsh Ministers. The IEPAW is part of an interim process in Wales until a permanent body to oversee compliance with environmental law is developed. Its focus is on the functioning of environmental law, not on breaches of that law.

Purpose of the Post

The post-holder will be responsible for assisting the IEPAW with the production of reports for Welsh Ministers on the functioning of environmental law in Wales. Concerns about the functioning of environmental law fall into three broad categories:

  1. The law no longer delivers its intended objectives and outcomes, either because it is outdated or it no longer functions in a way which protects the environment
  2. Guidance or information about the law is not accessible. The quality and availability of information or guidance impedes deliverability or operability for users.
  3. Practical delivery of the law is impeded. Where there are improvements which could be incorporated as a result of advances in science or technology or where barriers exist which frustrate or prevent practical delivery of law.

The role will be full-time and is normally based with the policy team in one of Welsh Government’s regional offices.  In view of current Covid-19 restrictions, the post-holder will be required to work from home in-line with working arrangements for all Welsh Government employees. 

Post-holders will be provided with a laptop to facilitate regular contact with the policy team members and line management, other policy teams and external partners.  Due to the remote nature of working, the policy team will ensure that the post-holder is fully supported during the placement and will endeavour to ensure that the placement is as close to the in-team office-based experience as possible.

The placement will be for a 3 month period and will focus on delivering the objectives set out in the job specification.  The option to extend for a further 3 months is possible if the project team feel there is merit in doing so and if it is compatible with the post-holder’s university research schedule and DTP/CDT arrangements. 

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