Welsh Government PhD Placement: Management and Protection of Water Quality in Wales

Deadline for submission of applications: 20th December 2023 @ 13:00hrs

Welsh Government is seeking PhD candidates for two, 6 month, part-time, placement opportunities with The Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales (IEPAW). The IEPAW is responsible for reviewing concerns about the functioning of environmental law in Wales; where warranted, the IEPAW may prepare reports on the functioning of the law for the Welsh Ministers.

The IEPAW is part of an interim process in Wales until a permanent body to oversee compliance with environmental law is developed. Its focus is on the functioning of environmental law, not on breaches of that law.

Purpose of the posts

The post-holders will be responsible for assisting the IEPAW with research on water quality pertaining to environmental legislation in Wales, which will help form the basis for the development, drafting and final production of a comprehensive report which will be delivered to Welsh Ministers regarding the functioning of environmental law in Wales in relation to water quality. The research which is conducted in the initial stages of this placement will form the basis of the report and inform the advice provided to the ministers to improve environmental outcomes for Wales.

Concerns about the functioning of environmental law fall into three broad categories:

  1. The law no longer delivers its intended objectives and outcomes, either because it is outdated, or it no longer functions in a way which protects the environment.
  2. Guidance or information about the law is not accessible. The quality and availability of information or guidance impedes deliverability or operability for users.
  3. Practical delivery of the law is impeded. Where there are improvements which could be incorporated as a result of advances in science or technology or where barriers exist which frustrate or prevent practical delivery of law.

Key Tasks

Key duties will include:

  • Researching relevant legislation and information relating to water quality, ensuring that all information is documented in a clear, cohesive and concise manner.
  • Undertaking a comprehensive literature review of environmental legislation, associated case law and commentary in relation to water quality to include consideration of legal frameworks in relation to water quality, including best practice in other countries and other jurisdictions.
  • Analysis of complex information and data trends and identifying potential evidence gaps.
  • Drafting clear, concise summaries of findings which will form the basis of the report which will be presented to the Welsh Ministers.
  • Participating in meetings and events with colleagues, including stakeholders from external organisations.
  • Assimilation and coordination of expert evidence received, taking notes of evidence provided  via written submissions, oral evidence sessions, workshops and seminars.

Please note that an academic background in law is required for these posts.

For further information about the posts and details of how to apply please download the following document:

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