Welsh Government PhD Placement: Analysing the evidence, issues and impacts of future recycling in Wales

Deadline for applications: 29th February 2024 @ 15:00hrs

The Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy division are seeking a PhD student for a placement opportunity within its Extended Producer Responsibility team.  In addition to leading the policy for Extended Producer Responsibility, the division covers recycling, waste tracking, waste regulation, waste infrastructure, repair and re-use and wider circular economy policy.

Purpose of the Post

Wales’ Circular Economy strategy, Beyond Recycling, has set out our ambition to work with the other governments of the UK to develop an Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme for plastics, waste electronics and batteries and to bring forward the legislation to support its implementation. The delivery of Extended Producer Responsibility to incentivise waste reduction by businesses is a specific commitment within the Programme for Government and classified as being a major programme by the UK Cabinet Office.

We will also look at the potential to apply Extended Producer Responsibility to additional products which are difficult to recycle such as tyres, textiles and bulky wastes (for example furniture, mattresses and carpets) and products used in construction.

Working across the division and with a range of external stakeholders, the purpose of the placement is to identify, collate and analyse data of the impact of material waste streams (for example textiles, and bulky wastes) against set criteria/ policy outcomes (Economic, Social and Environmental impact) to determine the relative priority for action. This work will be critical to consider best allocation of resources and support cross Government discussions.

In order to obtain further information about the post and details about how to apply please download the following documents:

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