Welsh Government PhD Placement: Chemical Threats to Water Quality

Deadline for submission of applications: 31st May 2024

Emerging contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals and hazardous chemicals also present a concern for environmental and drinking water quality and require more focus and research to inform future policy development.

Welsh Government have recently developed a list of possible chemicals of emerging concern in Wales.

The purpose of this placement is to better understand the sources, pathways and risks to the water environment form this shortlist of emerging pollutants. This will include primarily a desktop review of existing evidence in relation to these substances and provide recommendations to support policy and operational work to manage eventual risks.

The post-holder will actively support the development of longer-term policy direction in addressing water pollution issues and emerging threats to health and the environment. The initial assessment completed by the post-holder is expected to highlight specific issues applicable to Wales and identify areas where more research and evidence is needed.

The Chemicals team is contributing to a potentially UK-wide chemicals strategy so this placement would support work in developing policy that could be included in the strategy. Additionally, there are various activities under UK REACH, which would be supported by this placement and by any outputs from the post-holder including Restriction activities. The remit of this placement – Emerging Chemical Threats to Water – falls under the portfolio of the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs and supports delivery objectives identified under primary legislation such as the Environment Act and Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

For further details about the post and application information please download the following document:

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