EP Wales February 2021 News update

All Wales Virtual Careers Fair – exhibitors and grads/students wanted!

Environment Platform Wales has been working with other Welsh University Careers Services and UK’s student employability experts GTi group to deliver an ‘All Wales Virtual Careers Fair on March 1st (10am-3pm) and bookings for this event are open for employers and students.

It’s a great way for organisations and businesses to attract early career talent and for as students and graduates looking to widen their network, develop their employability prospects and find new opportunities. It’s also a great time to reach students looking for meaningful, impactful careers and introduce them to a range of career opportunities they might not have considered before.  

The fair will be supported by 1-1 sessions, networking rooms and a speaker programme featuring Jessica Leigh Jones MBE (who will be discussing ‘career jungle gyms, future skills and building back better) and science communicator/entrepreneur Huw James, who will discuss the range of exciting science roles and career options for those looking for something a bit different. The event is a fantastic opportunity for employers to meet and recruit students and graduates across all 8 Welsh universities.  

Register as an exhibitor (business) or SME/microbusiness

Looking for opportunities? Join as a student

Looking for a career with impact? Find out more about pathways into environmental and sustainability-focused roles below (GTI article).

Green careers: find a graduate job that helps the environment

Environment Platform Wales at the All Wales Virtual Careers Fair

We’ll be one of the exhibitors at the All Wales Virtual Careers Fair on March 1st and have been involved in organising the event and sourcing STEM speakers, including Jessica Leigh Jones MBE and science presenter and communicator Huw James. Please look out for our upcoming ‘Curious Minds’ podcasts featuring Jessica and Huw.

Of our place at the first All Wales Virtual Careers Fair, Dr Jenny Geroni said:

“We’re so glad to be able to work with the steering group to encourage students and graduates towards environment and sustainability-related careers. The effects of climate change are increasingly felt by populations around the globe and thanks to the power of research, scientific evidence and high-profile campaigners in the public eye, the biodiversity crisis is finally gaining the attention it deserves. Working in the environment sector is no longer a niche career choice. Environmental awareness is now mainstream and for Generation Z, lifestyles and career choices are being shaped by values and beliefs that would have been considered radical a generation ago.”

Read the full EP Wales article: Green shoots and new horizons

Consultation event with Welsh Government – join us!

Following on from our guest webinars to mark Clean Air Day Wales and ‘Are we ready for climate change’, we’re hosting a special consultation event with Welsh Government to discuss the following:

Welsh Government PhD placement opportunities

Please share the following placement openings with your networks – a great opportunity for the right candidate looking to make some great connections. Deadline for both opportunities: 5th March.

Placement with Welsh Government Environmental Governance team

Placement with Welsh Govenrment Nature Policy and Environmental Governance policy teams

EP Wales speakers at All Wales Virtual Careers Fair: ‘never stop learning’

Read more about rising STEM speakers/personalities Huw James and Jessica Leigh Jones MBE, who we’re hosting as part of our presence at the All Wales Virtual Careers Fair. Over 1,000 students are registered to attend on Monday 1st, with 75 employers in attendance. We’ve also brought in other exhibitors including Welsh Government, CIWM and Enterprise. Read the full news story here or listen to our pre-event ‘Curious Minds’ podcast chat with Huw James.


Pre-announcement: NERC scientific support and facilities

NERC: Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund 2021

NERC: Call for ideas for strategic research highlight topics

 9th World Conference on Ecological Restoration (Virtual), 21-24th June

Voice of the Future (Wanted: Young scientist/Engineer), Campaign for Science & Engineering (CASE)

EPSRC Impact Workshop for Early Career Researchers, March 1st

Open call: European Research Council Consolidator Grants, up to £2m

Ofwat Innovation Fund (Innovation in Water Challenge (IWC) & main competition) – open for entries!

POST [The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology]: 20 COVID-19 Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) for the UK Parliament published

UK Parliament: free online training for academic researchers & knowledge mobilisers

CUAHSI 2021 Winter Cyberseminar Series: Research and Observatory Catchments: the Legacy and the Future

(Online) Citizen Science Summer Camp (June 14-25) with University of Zurich

(Free) SciComm: Animation training for Scientists (Tom Ovenden, PhD researcher, Stirling University / Forest Research)

Expression of interest: ISCF smart sustainable plastic packaging demonstrators

Funded PhD studentship opportunity ‘Towards Emancipatory Technologies for Climate Justice’ with Glasgow Caledonian University / Centre for Climate Justice

PhD opportunity: Carbon gain vs water loss – using state-of-the-art simulation models and remote sensing to examine the potential impacts of woodland expansion, with Forest Research, University of Reading, SCENARIO DTP and NERC

Call for papers / speakers: Consumer Conference 2021

News and views

Why apprenticeships are the genius option for tomorrow’s generation (Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe)

Wales commits to net zero by 2050, but sets out ambitions to get there sooner

Welsh Government Live consultations: pesticides / fly-tipping / agriculture / emissions / clean air / energy

National Forest for Wales – brand/campaign video (with Iolo Williams)

Plastics & waterways webcast: In case you missed it

Our latest podcast episode : ‘In:conversation’, Episode 5 – Towards plastic-free waterways in Wales’ welcomed Dr Christian Dunn (Plastic research centre, Wales), Dr Ifan Jams (Water Research Institute) and PhD student Nia Jones (School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University). Catch up if you can!

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