Pick-a-Project: Research Project Ideas to Meet the Needs of Wales

EPW are keen to ensure that as students and researchers, you are delivering projects with relevance and meaningful impact which link directly to the needs of Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

By aligning your research interests (at undergraduate or postgraduate level) with the evidence needs of NRW and Welsh Government, you could provide important evidence to support those regulating and managing the Welsh Environment.

Additionally, it will provide you with impactful applied research experience, and added confidence when completing your CV and seeking future employment. You will have an advantageous insight into the operation of NRW and/or Welsh Government by contributing, sustainably managing the Welsh environment.  

We encourage you to co-develop your project with NRW or Welsh Government, to ensure that your research is as effective and impactful as possible. EPW will also give you the opportunity to share your project experience and results in the form of a presentation directly to those who raised the research needs in the first instance. This may be through a bespoke workshop, conference presentation or podcast.  

To participate, please search the evidence needs table from NRW’s State of the Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR).  Once you’ve identified a potential project and discussed with your supervisor – please get in touch through info@epwales.org.uk , quoting the SoNaRR evidence needs ID (in the downloadable Excel spreadsheet) and we will connect you to the relevant member of staff in NRW who can explain more about their aspirations regarding the research need.

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