Wales Climate Week 2023

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The theme for Wales Climate Week 2023 is fairness, and how solutions for tackling and building greater resilience to climate change must be driven by the guiding principle of leaving no-one behind. This year’s event will examine the disproportionate impacts of climate change on different people, groups and places, and address how we can ensure that benefits associated with climate policies are distributed fairly across society.

The virtual conference will be held over 5 days between 4th – 8th December to coincide with COP28, bringing together a range of climate stakeholders to consider national Government policies and regional and local delivery solutions for tackling climate change in a fair way. 


To attend the virtual conferenceplease register here.  There is no charge, but registration is required to access the virtual conference sessions. All sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session, you will be able to watch it back on website. 

Hosting a live session

If you are interested in hosting a session as part of the virtual conference, please complete the application form here and Wales Climate Week team will contact you to discuss further.

Submitting a video / case study

If you have a video showcasing a case study or project which you would like us to feature on Day 5, please contact us via email with further detail at

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