Reservoir Water Research Group Workshop

This workshop is for members of our Reservoir Water research group. If you would like to join this group, please contact us at

Date:                     18-20th April 2023

Venue:                 Cardiff University Water Research Institute

Purpose:              Share and exchange knowledge / Develop collaborations

Draft Itinerary

 14:00Welcome to Cardiff University / Water Research InstituteIsabelle Durance
 14:10Session 1 – Nutrient and Algal Management   Dutch drinking Water company (WML) about phosphorous removal in a reservoir. Arco Wagenvoort Management of Braakman Reservoir of Evides Water company – Giovanni Sandrini Copper sulphate spraying on our reservoirs in Jersey – Helen Taylor  Chaired by: Roo Perkins
 16:30Session 2 – Resourcing and Stakeholder Involvement    Chaired by: Andy Schofield
 17:30Drinks in Water Research Institute 
19/4/2309:30Site Visit to Llandegfedd Reservoir, Pontypool 
 13:30Return from Llandegfedd 
 14:30Session 3 – Llandegfedd Case StudyChaired by: Helen Cantwell
 16:30Session 4 – Modelling Workshop  Chaired by: Inge Elfrich  
  Dinner at local restaurant 
20/4/2309:00Session 5 – In-situ Monitoring   Raw water quality monitoring and the need for in situ raw water quality and meteorological monitoring to inform reservoir management – Emily Slavin    Chaired by: Inge Elfferich  
 11:00Session 6 – Engineering and Emerging Technology Reservoir water quality; aeration and mixing system operations and performance (e.g., ResMix, bubble plumes) – Lee Bryant   How autonomous underwater vehicles can be used to improve water quality monitoring in lakes. James Rand  Chaired by: Lee Bryant
 12:30Wrap up Session 

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