Insights Wales – What can academic lawyers contribute to interdisciplinary environmental research?

Dr Victoria Jenkins

Academic law is perhaps one of the most underrepresented and misunderstood disciplines in collaborative, multi-disciplinary research on environmental protection. Academic law is not easily understood because it can be viewed as both a social science and a humanities subject. It is also often confused with commonly held perceptions of legal practice. This presentation aims to provide a clear outline of what it means to be an academic lawyer and what role we might play in interdisciplinary research regarding environmental protection.  It does so by drawing on Victoria’s experience of working with peatland scientists in research on sustainable peatland management in Wales. The presentation will also consider the opportunities and challenges of such collaborations.

About the speaker

Dr Victoria Jenkins is an Associate Professor of Environmental Law in the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University.  Her research focuses on legal approaches to sustainable land management and natural resource management, including the significance of ideas of landscape. She is particularly interested in these issues from a local and Welsh perspective. In recent years she has been collaborating with academics from scientific disciplines and engaging with public sector bodies on research regarding sustainable peatland management in Wales. 

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