Coal Tip Safety Workshop for Researchers

Monday 1st November @ 14:00-16:00hrs.

Following the introductory webinar held on 20th September EPW are hosting a researcher workshop on 1st November 2021. This event will bring together academics from across the Welsh universities to discuss and pose the key research questions for Welsh Government regarding the future management of coal tips across the principality.

Some of the challenging questions for future consideration include:

  • How will our changing climate impact on tip use and stability?
  • What technologies are we currently using, or researching, that could be adapted for use in monitoring tips – giving early warning of any change in stability?
  • Has your research considered the socio-economic threats and opportunities posed to local communities living in the vicinity of tips? 
  • Can we consider the re-purposing of tips and the material within them – is there a circular economy opportunity?
  • Are their environmental concerns associated with the potential re-working of colliery spoil?
  • What powers and legislation will bring about future security for Welsh communities? 

If you are a researcher and wish to participate in the workshop please email with a brief summary of your interest in this field of research.

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