Biodiversity value of Welsh coal tips

Insights Wales – Cipolwg Cymru, 26th January 13.30-14.30

Coal tip safety and the nature crisis: Liam Olds  

Liam Olds is a freelance entomological consultant specialising in brownfield habitats, but also works as Conservation Officer for Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust. In 2015, he began ground-breaking research with Amgueddfa Cymru (National Museum Wales) to investigate the invertebrate conservation value of coal tips in the South Wales Coalfield. The success of this research led him to found the ‘Colliery Spoil Biodiversity Initiative’, a conservation initiative that aims to raise awareness of the ecological importance of coal tips, for which Liam has won several local and national awards. Watch this talk on catch up below.

For this session of Insights Wales – Cipolwg Cymru, we’ll find out more about Liam’s perspective on the situation concerning coal tips in Wales (following our recent In:Conversation webcast on Coal Tips Safety). We look forward to finding out what’s new with Liam and the Colliery Biodiversity Spoil Initiative, his involvement as an organiser with The Oil Beetle Recording Scheme and his ongoing obsession with brownfields and bees.  

Why not listen to our previous podcast chat with Liam, recorded in December 2020 – and make sure you sign up by clicking on the ‘Register for this event’ button below to join us on 26th Jan for some great discussion, insights and Q&A chat.  

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