Active Transport Research in Wales

Dr. Catherine Purcell – Cardiff University | Dr. Christopher White – Wrexham University | 22/05/24 13:30 – 14:30

About the Speakers

Dr. Catherine Purcell

Catherine is the coordinator of the Wales Active Travel Research Consortium (ATLAS), a partnership across five Welsh Universities and industry partners. Catherine has worked in the field of active travel for over fifteen years, including conducting research on how different groups of children and young people navigate and interact their neighbourhoods. Catherine will be presenting findings from the most recent study conducted by ATLAS exploring the interactions that children and young people have with their natural and built environments.

Profile photo of Dr Christopher White

Christopher White

Lecturer in Health, Mental Health & Well-Being at Wrexham University. PhD in ‘Understanding active travel as a public health issue: A sociological study of Greater Manchester public health figurations’.

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