Nature Based Solutions Workshop

Taking place online, Tuesday 9th June, 10:00 - 15:00

The workshop will focus on the practical application of existing research to develop ‘nature based solutions’ for the following challenges;

  • reversing the decline in biodiversity.
  • supporing the deployment a ‘green’ covid-19 recovery.
  • adapting to climate change.
  • tackling societal issues such as inequalities (health and economic) and public health issues.

It will drawing on existing research to;

  • Help inform the current state of play on the impacts of covid-19.  This will include impacts on the natural environment and biodiversity, as well as social and economic factors.  For example, live research on impacts to the rural economy, economic resilience, inequalities.
  • Help inform where there may be opportunities for increased environmental stewardship to support action on biodiversity.  For example, where changes in attitudes, perceptions and behaviours around the natural environment and biodiversity may have changed.
  • Inform practical delivery and action through the deployment of nature based solutions.

This workshop will help inform Welsh Government planning on a green response to covid-19 to identify both quick wins for actions that can be taken over the next financial year and longer term planning for a programme of work to reverse the decline in biodiversity and increase the deployment of nature based solutions.

We are currently seeking input from the research community and will be engaging with broader stakeholder groups as the work moves forward.

Thank you for your interest, this workshop is now fully subscribed

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