Happy International Women’s Day 2021 | Environmental voices, emerging talent and HERstories

Happy International Women's Day 2021 from the team at EP Wales - we're celebrating our original thinkers, educators, emerging voices and HERstories in environmental science.

Interview with Brian Royson Mayne, CIWM

EP Wales caught up with Brian Royson Mayne, Chair of the Chartered Institute for Wastes Management, Wales ahead of his appearance at the All Wales Virtual Careers Fair. Brian reveals all about the CIWM, his 'plan B' dream career, what's helped him through lockdown this last year...and his enthusiasm for extremely spicy chili peppers.

EP Wales speakers at All Wales Virtual Careers Fair: ‘never stop learning’

Speaking ahead of the first 'All Wales Virtual Careers Fair' on Monday March 1st, science communicator/presenter Huw James and Forbes Under 30 finalist Jessica Leigh Jones MBE have underlined how students emerging into the job market can gain a competative advantage by blending career passions, being agile and viewing their future careers as 'jungle gyms' rather than traditional career ladders.

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