Online panel events and guest webinars

Since spring 2020, we have hosted a regular Zoom webinar series featuring panellists and speakers from a variety of academic institutions, research centres, organisations and special interest groups.

Covering a rage of topics relating to our thematic conferences and events, our webinars invite a panel of expert voices and guests to shine a light on the challenges facing environmental sciences in Wales.

Using Zoom technology, we’re creating a space to maintain momentum in our work and a place for our community to meet, share ideas and connect.

Miss out on a recent webinar?

Watch some of our most recent ‘In:conversation’ panel webinars, key note speeches and a range of other recorded live events below or via our Vimeo channel.

Watch our full collection of live events and talks on our Vimeo channel

Coal Tip Safety in Wales, 20 Sept 2021

Towards plastic-free waterways in Wales, 19 Jan 2021

Are we ready for climate change? Nov 3rd 2020

Building Back Better: Clean Air Day Wales, Oct 8th 2020

Changing seasons, pastures new: a look ahead to Environment Evidence 2020, Sept 8th 2020

Blue Sky Thinking: How can Wales achieve cleaner air? Sept 7th 2020

The heart of Wales: Wellbeing and culture in the uplands, Aug 4th 2020

Pressures and pitfalls – Ecosystems and biodiversity in the Welsh uplands, July 7th 2020

COVID 19, Brexit and climate change – the perfect storm? June 2nd 2020

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