Constructing a Digital Environment

Residential research sandpit - Bangor, Tuesday 12th – Thursday 14th November 2019

Environment Platform Wales is holding a 3 day residential research sandpit to support proposal development for the upcoming demonstrator projects call within NERC’s Constructing a Digital Environment programme.

The sandpit will bring together multidisciplinary groups of researchers for 3 days of facilitated research development activities:

  • Day 1 – making new connections and building a common language across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Day 2 – defining the challenges and identifying the research questions.
  • Day 3 – identifying resource requirements and developing outline proposals.

Applications are welcomed from researchers eligible to hold a NERC grant at all career stages and across all relevant disciplines.

This sandpit will take place in the Management Centre at Bangor University. It is free to attend and costs for accommodation, meals and refreshments will be covered by Environment Platform Wales. Participants will be expected to cover their own travel costs.

This will be the second sandpit funded by Environment Platform Wales following a successful gathering focused on Landscape-Scale Social-Ecological Resilience earlier this year.

Constructing a Digital Environment Strategic Priorities Fund

The Constructing a Digital Environment Strategic Priorities Fund programme aims to develop the digitally enabled environment which benefits policymakers, businesses, communities and individuals. This will happen by creating an integrated network of sensors (in situ and remote sensing based), methodologies and tools for assessing, analysing, monitoring and forecasting the state of the natural environment. This will be done at higher spatial resolutions and at higher frequency than previously possible. This would support responses to acute events but also inform our understanding of long-term environmental change. Multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research and innovation will aid in the successful construction of a ‘digital environment’.

Call for demonstrator projects

NERC is inviting proposals for demonstrator projects as part of the Constructing a Digital Environment programme. The programme is led by NERC but is supported by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). NERC has allocated £6·2 million for this investment. Eligible research organisations will be invited to submit proposals up to a value of £960,000 (at 80% full economic cost) with a maximum duration of 24 months.

This call aims to further bring together the ‘Digital Environment’ community through multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and innovation to deliver increased benefit from existing and new sensor networks technology and their associated infrastructure. Projects will explore the methodologies and tools for assessing, analysing, monitoring and forecasting the state of the natural environment at higher spatial and temporal resolutions than previous possible.

NERC aims to fund impact-focused demonstrator projects which harness the UK’s leading position in environmental, observations and computer/data sciences to create a digitally-enabled environment which progresses our understanding of the natural environment and provides lasting benefit to policymakers, businesses and the public.

This is an open call and is not limited to individuals with existing funding from a specific call, scheme or research council.

  • AO release: 7th November 2019
  • Proposal deadline: 30th January 2020
  • Project start date: August 2020

Click here for further details of the call

Feedback from previous Environment Platform Wales events

 “Inspirational discussions with researchers from entirely different disciplines.”

“All of the activities showed me pathways and connections I didn’t expect.”

“The mixture of presentations from key stakeholders, opportunities to share and develop ideas in an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional setting.”

“This event certainly pushes you out of your comfort zone from time to time. But there was a level of trust and fun that made it absolutely ok to ask questions and express ideas that I would not dare to voice in other circumstances.”

“Everyone had the space to approach the challenge from their own perspective and we understood collectively the power of this cross-disciplinary work.”

“Great to have the opportunity to very rapidly develop a research idea and work towards a proposal.”

“The affordances the Sandpit enabled for future collaborations and new ways of working.”

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Applications will close at 12:00 noon on 17th October.
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