Environment Evidence 2021 – POSTPONED UNTIL 2022

Wales and Water: a Challenge for Future Generations


***Please note that due to a new period of leadership and staffing changes in EP Wales, this conference is now postponed until 2022. We will update our members, subscribers and followers as soon as we have more information about an alternative date. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.***

Freshwater environments are simultaneously among the most important and most threatened on Earth – critical to supply, economic activity and biodiversity but at risk from misuse, overexploitation and the pressures of global change.  Balancing freshwater exploitation with protection is one of the major challenges of the 21st century at all levels from the local to the global.  This includes Wales, where water brings major resource value but also an imperative to improve our stewardship of all aspects of the water cycle for future generations.      

Our perspective in this conference will range over current problems, innovative solutions and future challenges – and seek contributions on: 

  • Current problems eg legacy and modern pollution; mine discharge; flood risk; agricultural pollution; dealing with wastewater; abstraction and modified flow regimes; physical modifications and connectivity; biodiversity decline and risks to fish stocks; climate change; recreational flash-points;  water-borne pathogens; valuing water appropriately; maintaining infrastructure; supply and demand 
  • Innovative solutions:  eg modernising monitoring and assessment; water trading; safe water transfers; digital solutions; integrating catchment management; water in the circular economy; green infrastructure and natural solutions; smarter regulation; new incentivises for good practice; demonstration projects and voluntary action; wiser use, awareness and behaviour change; climate mitigation with adaptation; integrating professional capability with citizen science 

  • Future Challenges: floods and droughts; contested concepts: rewilding lakes, rivers and wetlands; reducing our overseas water footprint; maintaining technical capability; regional imbalances in supply and demand; plastics and emerging pollutants; integrating food production with freshwater protection.

Through keynote addresses, contributed papers, panel discussions, roundtables and workshops, our aim is to showcase Wales’ evidenced-based understanding and innovation in the water environment while learning from water-related problems and solutions elsewhere in the World. 


More details and deadlines for abstract submission will be coming soon. If you would like to stay up to date with progress please register your interest here.

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