Placement with Environmental Governance team, Welsh Government

Deadline: 13th August 2021

The Land, Nature and Forestry Division of the Welsh Government is seeking a PhD student for a placement opportunity within its Environmental Governance policy team. The team is responsible for the development of the Welsh Government’s policy response to environmental governance gaps arising from the UK’s exit from the EU. The team also works with the UK and devolved administrations on the development of UK wide environmental arrangements.

The placement provides an opportunity to gain insight into the functioning of Welsh Government and evidence-based policy development at the highest level. The post-holder will work in an interesting and diverse team, contributing to the delivery of a cross-government programme in an area of policy in which, through its legislative framework, Wales leads the UK.

The role will be full-time and is normally based with the policy team in one of Welsh Government’s regional offices. In view of current Covid-19 restrictions, the post-holder will be required to work from home in-line with working arrangements for all Welsh Government employees and it is unlikely that this will change for the foreseeable future.

The placement will be for a 3 month period and will focus on delivering the objectives set out in the job specification. The option to extend for a further 3 months is possible if the project team feel there is merit in doing so and if it is compatible with the post-holder’s university research schedule and DTP/CDT arrangements.

For more information and application details for this PhD placement, click on the document below to download in full:

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